Meet The Staff

Meet The Staff

Mr C K James (Headteacher)

Mrs E Pateman (Deputy Head, Inclusion and Assessment)


Class Teachers


Miss S Chastney (Reception, Rainbow Class)

Mrs R Evans (Reception, Silver Class)

Mrs J Spencer (Reception, Silver Class Fridays)

Mrs S Vadhia (Reception, Gold Class)


Mrs X Bodkin (Y1, Red Class)

Mrs C Chaudry (Y1, Orange Class)

Miss F Pack (Y1, currently on maternity leave)

Mrs M Pinto (Y1, Yellow Class)

Mrs K Fowler (Y1, Yellow Class)


Miss N Saunders (Y2, Green Class)

Mrs L Murray (Y2, Blue Class)

Mrs A Watkin (Y2, Purple Class)

Mrs M Shaw (Y2, Blue Class Fridays)


Teaching Assistants / Learning Support Assistants


Mrs L Shaw  (Reception, Monday – Thursday Rainbow Class)

Mrs R Glover (Reception, Fridays Rainbow Class)

Mrs C Cooper (Reception, Silver Class)

Mrs D Butcher (Reception, Gold Class)


Mrs K Brooker (Y1, Orange Class)

Mrs A Charlton (Y1 Yellow Class)

Mrs E Harrington (Y1, Red Class)


Mrs H Skinner (Y2, Purple Class)

Mrs L Ayling (Y2, Blue Class)

Mrs J Pearce (Y2, Green Class)


Mrs T Tezer (LSA)

Mrs S Savage (LSA)

Mrs C Poulton (LSA)


Office Staff


Mrs A Vant (Business Manager)

Mrs T Johnston (School Secretary / Administrator)

Mrs E Small (Administrative Assistant)


Other Staff Roles


Mr M Taylor (ICT Technician)

Mr S Fitzgerald (Caretaker)

Mrs L Milton (Cleaner)



In line with financial compliance regulations we confirm there is no member of staff at the school that earns in excess of £100,000.